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The Commercial

The Grasshopper King

The Commercial – A Harlequin’s Fable, is a parody of the ongoing “wasteland” defining the television industry and an exposition of America’s addiction to materialism, marked by a language reflective of the specious spiel disgorged by non-stop commercials. Disillusioned Vietnam Marine veteran, artist and truth-seeker, Lance Pratt is trying to make sense of a country fatigued by the decade-long “dinner war,” and finds scant solace in his materialistic wife, Vera. Her younger brother Gordon, who lives with them, is afflicted with Down syndrome and his oriental appearance is a constant reminder of the Viet Cong Lance had fought in the war. Fleeing the distractions of home, Lance is rejected by the satrap of SLOP ART and adult film maker, Igor Ramos. He tries to concentrate on creating realistic art and secures a commission, but soon finds himself ensnared in a strange and evil conspiracy, and under the control of a megalomaniacal visionary. Believing God has forsaken her along with Lance, the once puritanical Vera Pratt approaches Ramos with an offer to appear in his pornographic movies. Lance eventually returns home and encounters Vera in a shocking denouement.

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