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Mary Donnell

Mary Donnell spent most of her life in Enid, Oklahoma. After a camping trip on the Buffalo River, Mary gave notice at her job, closed her yoga studio, and she and her husband, David, moved to Harrison, Arkansas. The following Spring, they began an extended camping trip in a small pickup, and ended up in North Carolina, where Mary trained at the Asheville School of Massage and Yoga. After a few years in Asheville, they again embarked on a long camp-out, now in a van towing a small car. This trip ended in San Antonio, Texas, where they still reside.



These poems reflect the turmoil of a life in transition, as all of us are, have been, or eventually will be. The author hopes that in sharing these words, readers will find reflections of their own struggles of working their way through the challenges of their lives, as well as comfort and hope for happiness and peace of mind.

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