AGGIE BRAGA: An American Fable, is a sprawling epic which includes a true cross-section of American types in its forty-two major and as many minor characters. It moves from an Arkansas cotton plantation in the mid 1920’s to New York City, Chicago, Hollywood, a small town in northwest Oklahoma, a farm in the Missouri boot, back to Arkansas, and ends in northern California several decades after it began.

The heroine is the beautiful young daughter of sharecroppers whose childhood sweetheart is the plantation owner’s son. They both find fleeting fame along with tragic disappointment after fleeing the sharecropper rebellion that has taken both their fathers’ lives.

Class, race, spirituality, politics, small-town bootleggers, big-city gangsters, redemption, transformation, sex and murder are all found in this finely-wrought exploration of American life as these two pursue their dreams to their ultimate conclusions.