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Tome, tome on the range,
Where the adverbs and the similes roam,
And seldom is heard
A disheartening word,
And Roget’s will be open all day.


David Stanley grew up in a Catholic orphanage near Pittsburgh, and imaginative storytelling helped him survive his youth. He was in the Marines for four years, then spent the next twenty years traveling the country working a variety of jobs such as carnival hand, prospector, lumber-jack, carpenter, bicycle messenger and camp caretaker.  Interspersed were extensive bicycle tours that took him across Arizona and up the northwestern coast, and wilderness backpacking trips to such places as Superstition Mountain and Grand Canyon. He has also worked as a substitute teacher and spent several years as a volunteer tutor in elementary after-school programs. Always an avid reader and thinker, his life and travels have brought him into contact with a variety of characters and situations, from which he has extrapolated an extensive array of dramatic fiction and a philosophical work, The Cybernetic Indian: A Case for Secular Morality. David currently resides with his wife in San Antonio, Texas.

Night Train to Pittsburgh: BOOK TWO of A LAND MORE KIND THAN HOME


Cosmas Sarvey moves to a new institution for boys and enters a public vocational high school after 8 years with vicious nuns in a Catholic orphanage. Awkward and lonely he makes friends with two boys who are very different, but have been pals since childhood. Jim was molested by a priest as a child and is now wild and rebellious. Ray is a quiet artist whose family is pushing him to join the priesthood. They expose Cosmas to a wide range of ideas and experience as he looks forward to what lies beyond the rigid boundaries of his life so far.


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